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Exclusive solution to Move vCard .vcf files to Outlook .pst format

The idea was very simple, that to provide users with a rapid & at the same time accurate solution to convert contacts format from .vcf into .pst format. With this tool we exactly do that & at a very affordable cost. It is an independent solution that does not require helping from some other additional application. Just have MS Outlook in your machine with a POP3 account & you are all ready to migrate vCard Contacts to Outlook.

Elite Features of vCard to Outlook Converter

For Multiple Applications

Secure method to move contacts from applications from Live Mail, WhatsApp, Blackberry, Mac Mail, Zimbra, Entourage, iPhone, iCloud, Apple, PALM OS etc into MS Outlook pst format.

Move Selective Files only

Do not want to move all the VCF contacts? Then simply go with the selective conversion option of the software. Click on "Browse vCard Files" & choose only those contacts which you wish to move.

Folder Conversion option

Have huge collection of contacts & do not want to give time on importing them 1-by-1, then go for the bulk mode option & convert an entire Folder containing multiple Contacts at once.

No vCard Compatibility issue

With this tool you can be sure that you will get to move contacts created in any vCard versions. The program very easily move contacts of vCard 2.0 & 3.0 to MS Outlook.

Gives you Advance Mode

It is like those magic wings that let you to move those properties & contacts which the normal mode may fails to. So if the normal mode is not working properly, simply go with the Advance Mode.

Contacts saved in Unicode PST

The tool converts the contacts into a new Unicode .pst. This means that you can import the PST in MS Outlook 2013, 2011, 2010, 2007 & 2003. Also it’s only 32-bit Outlook Edition which the tool supports.

Save Contacts in new PST

The software do not overwrite any of the existing PST file you may have. It creates a NEW PST & then save the contacts in them after the conversion, so here also no risk involve.

Sustain complete Contact Fields

The software will keep the Name, Address, Website, Email Id, Phone Number, Suffix, & all the other details as it is. It also sustain the contacts photos, we you have them.

Language will not be a barrier

It does not matter in which language you have the contacts saved in, this software will import them in MS Outlook & in the original language without issues.

Simple Working Steps

The software has a very simple & easy to execute working guide that anyone can apply without any issue. In 3 step you will have complete procedure done.

Workable in all Windows OS

Use the tool in any Windows OS platform you have, you can run it in Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 98, 97, ME, NT & any other Windows version without any problem.

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Both the DEMO & License Versions hold equal importance. Demo comes for free & is capable of importing 5 contacts only, on the other hand you will have to pay $49 & get to perform unlimited conversion.

We suggest you try the Demo edition first, if you think it fulfills your requirements then go for its License edition.

Screenshot Software View

Have a quick look at the software screenshots, for a more in-depth process details, go to its Guide Page

Working Video to convert vCard to Outlook


Will need to have Outlook install in my machine?

Yes, you must have MS Outlook install in your machine & that with a POP3 account configured in it. Only after this the software will convert vCard Contacts to Outlook, otherwise you will get this message "Outlook Session Creation Error".

Which Windows OS Version is supported by the software?

All, you can use the software in any Windows Edition without any issue. It supports both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows OS Platforms.

My contacts are in Español, can I import them?

Definitely, language is not a barrier for vCard to Outlook Converter. You can import contacts of any language in Outlook, & the tool will also keep the original language maintained.

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